Everything is Coming Up Roses


Growing up, I associated rose-smelling products with older women, but in recent years — perhaps influenced by my own aging, but also thanks to new, modern takes on the classic scent — I have started gain a really affinity for the flower. One product that has helped in said conversion is Aerin Lauder’s Rose Body Scrub. The mild rose scent is signature of Aerin’s line and it’s not too cloying or musty, leaving a hint of a light, sweet floral. As all rose scents should. It earn bonus points for being a go-to scrub for winter; I use it once a week in the shower on my elbows and knees to smooth dry skin without the slightest bit of irritation. Extra bonus points for the light pink and gold packaging.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.03.46 AM

I also have become obsessed with Le Labo’s Rose 31. While half of New York City is wearing the brand’s Santal 33, I can’t stop sniffing my wrists when I have this rose perfume on. It’s a darker, sexier, more masculine take on the flower. Or, as Le Labo puts it, the rose is accompanied “by a chorus of warm, spicy and woodsy notes such as cumin, olibanum, cedar and a touch of amber.” Whatever it is, the end result is amazing.


I’ve also just started using Korres’ Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil. The oil contains real (!) rose petals and promises to deliver a powerful dose of C which brightens, repairs tone, and protects against free radical and UV damage. While I haven’t experienced any of the anti-aging benefits just yet, I can attest to the oil’s ability to absorb into my skin super quickly, leaving it super smooth and ready for moisturizer (heyyy, Belif Aqua Bomb). It also makes a wonderful addition to any shelf (see above).


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