Lipstick Mondays: On Trying to Look Good When It’s Freezing

[Welcome to our new weekly series, “Lipstick Mondays,” in which we will be touting the greatness of a lipstick we have been wearing a lot recently. First up, Buxom’s Pink Decoy.]

Today I woke up and went outside and snow was blowing in my face. I had on snow boots and my gigantic coat (which I actually love and is super warm–shout out to Woolrich), but it’s very hard to say I felt “pretty.” Now, I realize that’s not necessarily important when the winter elements are at play, or ever super important on one’s commute regardless, but I just really don’t love the endless days of feeling ‘meh.’ My saving grace, aside from applying endless layers of Belif Aqua Bomb on my face, has been Buxom’s Pink Decoy lipstick, from the brand’s Big & Sexy Bold Gel line. The collection promises full color in just one swipe, and a lightweight feel.

Before venturing outside to face the elements, with Pink Decoy

It’s a bit hard to explain, but you can really feel the color gripping onto your lips in just one application and it truly stays on for hours, while managing to avoid being drying or sticky. Ok, maybe a tiny bit drying, but not distractingly so. It does lose some of its brightness after a large coffee and several rounds of morning snacking, but it’s still there, hanging out, by noon. I actually first tried it on in a Sephora on a visit to Boston just for fun, but loved it so much I ordered it online when I got back to the city. That’s how you know it’s true love, right? Also v excited to wear it in the summer when I’m (hopefully) not as pale.



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