Try on ALL the Lipsticks at Sephora. At Home.

Yes, you read the headline right. From the comfort of your home, your sidewalk, really anywhere you use your phone, you can now try on every single lipstick in Sephora using their app.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.26.50 PM

The service, called Sephora Visual Artist, is now a part of the Sephora-to-Go app, so if you already have that, you’re good to go. Otherwise, go download it immediately. Using face-mapping technology, Visual Artist takes your face and ACCURATELY places each and every color in the store on your lips. You can choose brand, color family, etc. Even better, you can compare up to four lipsticks at a time (see above, yes I know a couple of them are not flattering, yes I know I could use some hair-taming product today). The app the allows you to email yourself the photos and includes the brand and shade in the body of the email, along with a link to purchase. It’s almost TOO easy. Dangerously easy.

So the upside: You’ll never make a bad online lipstick purchase again. Oh and then the downside: You will spend a lot more on lipsticks once you see how genius this service is.



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