I’m a Belif-er, and I Have Aqua Bomb to Thank


For a long while, I was skeptical of the whole Korean skincare phenomenon that was sweeping beauty blogs, specialty shops and then– that place all trends with longevity ultimately land– Sephora. Here was a whole new dizzying array of options and an infamous multi-step process to maximize each product’s potential. Granted, all of this from a place where women are known for their flawless skin, but to someone who likes minimizing the amount of time it takes to get out the door in the morning and into bed at night, the thought of using more products or switching up the ones I was used to seemed daunting. But then, but then, but then…

I got a sample of Belif’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb. For the unaccustomed, this Korean brand is beloved in its home country, a consistent best-seller that flies off shelves. The secret? Lady’s mantle, a soothing herb known for its healing properties (note: the blue-tinged product, perhaps as a result, has a fairly strong herbal scent). And while this gel-based moisturizer is lightweight, the hydration it provides is legit. I layer it on fairly thickly each morning, and have found that it has so far protected my skin from getting dry and flaky, while also preventing the breakouts that so many heavier creams have caused. It also feels cold on my face which, at 8am, is not always welcome, but does help in terms of waking oneself up.

Needless to say, I have since bought a full sized version which, at $38, is a steal for a luxury brand. (The brand also makes a cream moisturizer intended for those that need more intense hydration, but I have honestly found the gel version to suffice on my parched skin, and I can’t wait to use it during the summer re: cooling sensation). Also needless to say, Belif has made me belif-er in Korean skincare. Not sure I am ready to take on 9 more steps in my regimen, but I feel like this is a good place to start. Baby steps!



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