Make 2016 the Year of Skincare with Caudalie

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and some well deserved R&R! I certainly did.  My 1.5 weeks off from work included lots of food, family, sleep, Atlantic City (!!), more food and some much needed skin attention. Sure, I did not need to be off from work to try some new skincare products, but it feels all the more glamorous to put a mask on your face knowing you can sleep late the next day. It makes sense to me.

One product I could not get enough of was Caudalie Instant Detox Mask.


I received this as a present from my friend Val for my birthday back in June. I was waiting for that special occasion to give it a whirl (and for my Jurlique Purifying Mask to run low). I’ve never made good on the instant detox promises before, diet cleanses and juicing to be exact.  This product was a different story. I washed my face with Noxzema (you can read about my Noxzema love affair here) then applied the mask to my clean dry face. I waited for the mask to feel tight, roughly 10 minutes. I rinsed off the mask with cool water and I saw a difference. My skin felt smoother and pores appeared smaller. The lines on my forehead you can barely see, at least for a brief period after I removed the mask. I’m not claiming to now have the skin of JLo, but a noticeable improvement for myself. I immediately wanted to apply again.

The one thing to note is that afterwards my skin was on the dry side. That leads me to my next new-found love, courtesy again of Caudalie.

caudalie 2

I’m obsessed with their Premier Cru the Cream. It’s a little heavy which cleared up the dryness from the detox mask instantly. These products in combination are the dream team. My skin still felt tight but more in an instant-face-lift kind of way as opposed to dryness. I typically have tiny pimples on the side of my forehead, but with this cream they were nowhere to be found. Boldly, the brand promises visibly younger skin and firmer facial contours after continuous use. It is still too early in the trial phase for me to say definitively if it accomplishes all that, but two weeks in and my skin feels smoother. I decided not to use this as my daily moisturizer because it was too heavy for me. But for nighttime use– or in conjunction with the detox mask– it’s perfect.

Happy 2016, and hope this is your best skin year yet!






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