Lashes Gone Batty for Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara

Last Thursday I had one of those rare nights that one can only dream of when you’re sitting at work counting down the minutes.  My husband was meeting friends for dinner and I had no place to be. By 8pm I found myself in one of my favorite places.  My couch. With Chinese food.  The only thing that could make my night even better was my beloved Home Shopping Network (HSN). You may be wondering why I would watch HSN when everything is at your fingertips on the web.  Well, HSN is an ode to my childhood. Day after day, packages would be delivered to my house satisfying my grandmother’s own HSN addiction. Together we would watch women talk about sweaters and handbags for hours.

To my excitement, The Beauty Report was on HSN.  The Beauty Report is basically HSN’s night of beauty. Lancome Mascara Mania Trio was the first batter up. In the set was Hypnose Star, Hypnose Drama and Grandiose. Here at BD, we have always been a fan of Lancome’s Hypnose line. We were excited for Star’s release in 2012. Remember this? Each tube retails for $27.50 – $32. HSN was offering the trio for $50 which is a steal. I was impressed by the transformations I saw, particularly Grandiose (photo evidence below).  Grandiose has a curved brush promising the trifecta – length, lift and volume.


I decided not to purchase that night as I wanted to go to Sephora the next morning and try for myself. So that I did.  One of the very helpful sales people offered her mascara wisdom.  She was particularly not a fan of Grandiose and felt the curved brush was just a gimmick.  If I wanted Lancome, she said, I should stick to old faithful, Hypnose. Disappointed, but appreciating the honesty, I asked for her favorite mascara.  She told me hers was Better Than Sex.  Admittedly not knowing, I laughed and asked for the name.  It was Too Faced’s Better Than Sex (the mascara’s actual name!).  We consoled each other for not having naturally long or voluminous lashes, but she promised this mascara would solve that.

Well, ladies and gents, I am so happy that I took her recommendation.  This mascara is amazing.  It lengthened and volumized in a few swoops. With each application I saw a noticeable difference. See my before and after below.  Pardon the early morning bags under my eyes.

The color is intense black really defining my dark brown eyes. I went from no lashes to dramatic in minutes. And after a long day you won’t see any smudging or creasing. I would rate it in the same category as Hypnose.

Better Than Sex is a must try.  And HSN, I still love you.





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