The Best Holiday Gifts: C’s Picks

This is a very exciting time of year for Brooklyn Dolls. Not only are we back in full blogging swing, but we get to share our favorite holiday gifts with our readers, friends and families (hint hint). Those who have been loyal BD followers through the years know I’m a sucker for lipstick, on a lifelong quest committed to preventing the dreaded forehead wrinkles, and like to pamper my feet. Well, the latter may not have been public knowledge until now. Without further ado, here are my top choices.

Chanel Double the Delight Lipstick and Nail Set


Chanel, Chanel, Chanel. Do I need to say more? No, but I will. Double the Delight Lipstick and Nail Set pretty much has it all — hydrating lipsticks, nail polishes, and albeit, a hefty price tag.  At $320 a set, it’s not for that casual friend you see once a year or pretend you don’t see on the subway (stop, we all do it). But for that special beauty lover in your life, it’s worth it. The colors are part of a limited edition collection and you obviously want to be one of the lucky ones who snag this gift.  The set includes five Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colours and five Le Vernis Nail Colours.  As the proud owner of a few Rouge Cocos myself, I can say this lipstick is top notch in giving your pout a fuller look, thanks to the tube’s hydrating effects. Buying it as a set doesn’t save you any money but you do get a Chanel case. Or, you can always split up the set into multiple stocking stuffers.

GLAMGLOW Gift Sexy Youth

On to my next pick. Now this is for the friend/wife/sister/girlfriend  who would not be insulted if you wrapped up some anti-aging products under the tree. GLAMGLOW Gift Sexy Ultimate Anti Aging Set is that gift.  The price is right at $69 and includes Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, Youthcleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser and Supermud Clearing Treatment. I’m a big fan of the GLAMGLOW suite, particularly the Youthmud. My skin definitely feels smoother and softer after each use, making it worth its weight in gold. And, on the even brighter side, if the person is offended by this gesture and hands you back this most fabulous gift, then you become the proud owner of youthful skin. It’s really a win-win.

Homedics Foot Salon Pro


Lastly, happy feet make a happy life and, more importantly for this post, a great gift. Home foot salons really are the best gift you can give yourself, so this guy falls into the “treat yourself” category. I’m in the market for a new foot salon myself, as the one I have had since college finally burnt out. And yes, I bought myself a foot salon when I was in college. I recommend Homedics Foot Salon Pro which is not all that glamorous, but the price is right ($69.99!) and it soaks, heats and massages all at once. I like to drop some lavender oil in the water for a completely relaxing experience. Once your feet are camera ready, throw on some Le Vernis Nail Colour and you are all set for the holidays.

Enjoy these picks and tell them Brooklyn Dolls sent you!





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