Lip Balm of Champions: Avene Cold Cream

In Paris last winter, my lips– and skin and hair– got extremely dry from walking around all day in the December wind and I picked up Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm in one of the French pharmacies that I love so much (picture Duane Reade, but smaller and much more beautifully edited; shelves lined with Caudalie, Avene, etc). Within a couple days of use, they felt less chapped and more conditioned, and without the wax-y feeling that other balms can leave behind. Anyway, flash forward a few months later, and I am still using this little guy every morning. It instantly wakes my lips up, prevents any sort of dryness, and makes them ready for color. In fact, if you are a bit heavy-handed in your application, you actually come away with a plumping effect via a silver-y sheen (see below) that I quite like

So go get. You might never go back to plain old Chapstick again. And this is more fun to pull out at work and apply, anyway. 

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