A Tale of Two Lipsticks: Cover Girl Lip Perfection and Dolce & Gabbana Monica Voluptuous Lipstick

Can you spot the lipstick that is only $6? Ok, you probably can.
Spring has sprung and so has my credit card bill.  I really can’t stop purchasing essential beauty must-haves.  I’m weening myself off the wine lips of winter and going for more pinks to compliment my tan. Not that I have a tan yet, but let’s be real.  J and I are going to Jamaica next week and a tan is my main goal for the trip. Well, that and maybe learning how to braid hair on the beach and not have to come back to NY. That’s a realistic living, right?

Up close and the complete look courtesy of Cover Girl Lip Perfection  
Not news to anyone here, but I’m a lipstick queen.  It’s by far my favorite toy in the box.  I will spend endless amounts of money (and have) on the best (and not-so-best) in class.  Cover Girl Lip Perfection stole my heart with Euphoria this winter.  Sure, I didn’t love the color, as it was too dark for me.  Dark burgundy lips with black eyes can make you look washed out and gothic-y.  But … the texture is amazing.  The lipstick goes on so smooth and lasted longer than many other lipsticks at the same budget level ($6 a pop). So I couldn’t help but try another color in the CG family.  I purchased Tempt, a rosy pink perfect for spring and summer.  In a few days, Target sent my delivery and I was very satisfied with the color. 

Too coral for my blood, but obsessed with the texture 

My other lipstick recommendation follows a similar story.  I love the brand and the texture, but am not loving the color.  A few weeks ago J and I visited Sephora, unloaded our paychecks and checked out some products we’ve been pining for.  For J, it was Armani’s Blushing Fabric. For me, it was Dolce and Gabbana’s Monica Voluptuous Lipstick, inspired by the Italian actress and model, Monica Bellucci.  I’ve been obsessed with the ad in every magazine and wanted to give it a shot.  I tried on in Sephora and convinced myself it was a must.  The texture made my lips huge and not in a Big Ang kinda way (sorry, Big Ang, we still love you!). I forgot I was wearing lipstick because it’s so lightweight. And it lasted into the wee hours of the night, despite all the chances that lipstick had to come off that evening. But, I accidentally went home with Italian Monica, even though I tried on Attractive Monica.  Italian is a coral which I rarely wear, but I figured with a tan it could look nice.  And it seemed wrong for me to return anything named Italian.

If you can only purchase one, I recommend the Cover Girl Lip Perfection.  The price is right and gives its more elite competitors a run for their money.


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