1997 is Back: Re-Evaluating the Herbal Essences Re-Release

Remember me?
I was genuinely excited when I found out that Herbal Essences was re-releasing two of its classic scents — Smooth collection and Shine collection — in their original, old-school packaging. So, basically, it was like 1997 in Sheepshead Bay all over again: Me in the shower, washing my hair with Herbal Essences while listening to La Bouche on KTU just hours before a big junior high school dance (well, as big as a junior high school dance can get). No doubt, this was followed by putting roll-on glitter from Claire’s all over my arms and butterfly clips in my hair. But anyway, in order to recapture a bit of that “magic,” I was of course willing to buy a bottle.

And, lo and behold, while I still love KTU and La Bouche, Herbal Essences didn’t fare as well. I actually don’t mind the brand’s newer formulas, but the Shine collection shampoo I bought made my hair look, well, like I didn’t wash it at all — sort of greasy and flat. Yes, it still smells amazing, and when I took it down from a topknot hours later, I definitely got a whiff of that classic floral scent that had women in the 90s commercials all excited. I think it might just be that my hair, which is fine but also plentiful, doesn’t react well with a “shine” promoting formula, but regardless, I won’t be using it anymore. Although, if you want to re-create some 1997 magic, go for it. The bottle sort of looks cool in the shower, anyway.


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