Ooh La La: Edward Bess Eau La La

Presenting: The travel size version (the full size version is sort of prettier, but oh well)
 I am a big fan of the notion that every relationship, be it brief or more enduring, should have its own scent: A fragrance that when you smell it, even years later, it reminds you of the person you were with when you wore it. Sure, there should also be everyday scents, scents you like just because and wear often, scents for special events, etc, but I think there’s something special about having these more era-specific ones as well. 
So, a couple of months ago, I was in the Union Square Sephora, which has a lot more brands than other locations (ahem, Soho, ahem), and happened to dab a bit of Edward Bess Eau La La on me. And that was all it took. It’s this completely intoxicating, transporting blend of gardenia, amber, and something called frankincense, and it’s floral and sweet and elegant and innocent but also not totally innocent– all at once. Or, as the site explains it: “Embrace the wheel’s breathtaking ascent as the sweet aroma of fresh gardenia from the Tuilieries swirls around you mingling with an intoxicating amber veil drifting from the labyrinth of tree-lined streets below.” So, that’s a mouthful. To sum that up: It smells like Paris? [Ed. Note: I’ve been to Paris a couple times, and this sort of smells better].
I didn’t buy it at the time: I was in a relationship, one that I already had a couple of fragrances for, and it was also $125. Kind of pricey for a perfume, though I knew I’d have it eventually. Flash forward to last week, when I was back at Sephora, not with that boyfriend any longer, and dabbed a bit of it on again. Still completely amazing. I basically inhaled my wrists the rest of the day, and then, upon seeing this travel version on Sephora’s website, had to order it immediately. You know my philosophy…

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