Obsessed: Tom Ford Lip Color

Lady of the hour
The great John Irving once wrote: “You’ve got to get obsessed and stay obsessed.” And yes, I’m about to apply that expression to a tube of lipstick. But hear me out: It’s Tom Ford. And it’s a perfect shade of blue/red named Slander (which no longer seems to available online). C and I were in Miami and perusing Saks when we saw the Tom Ford counter and basically decided to buy ourselves some “souvenirs.” After trying on basically every color on display, and after I was discouraged by the fact that none of the pinks looked good on me, I settled on this bright red, while C settled on a similar shade, but a bit warmer in tone, Cherry Lush. Imagine our surprise when we went to pay and found out the total was $100. For two lipsticks. You know you have an issue, though, when you decide that’s totally fine– which we did.
C and I wearing our new purchases, trying to drink away the fact we just spent $48 on lipstick.
However, I must say, that if a lipstick is going to be pricey, it should be this level of great. The formula isn’t drying at all, smells faintly of vanilla, and really, really stays on. I mean, it’s wash-your-face-and-go-to-bed-and-there’s-still-a-stain-in-the-morning good. And now I’m eyeing this Flamingo shade that I didn’t see in Miami, and might just have to order online. Did I mention they also came out with a Lip Shine, too? So yes, I am obsessed. But for $48 a pop, I better be. 

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