Gotta Luv: Lotta Luv Cosmetics

Being it’s Friday, we have a special treat for you! And treat really is the perfect word to describe this brand of cosmetics. I was introduced to Lotta Luv Cosmetics recently and instantly fell in luv (sure, pun intended).  Lotta Luv is a brand of lip balms and glosses inspired by famous candy brands, you know, Hershey’s, Reese’s, Jolly Ranchers, and a ton more. It is a beautiful marriage of cosmetics and candy, pretty much the best kind of marriage.

Want to dive right into this candy-flavored lip goodness
I know the audience is really the tween market, but yes, I’ve tried a few products.  You don’t have to twist my arm.  My favorite is the Nerds Rainbow lip gloss.  I was obsessed with the candy in elementary school and really do not want to start my addiction again.  However, in cosmetic form, I feel less guilty. I’ve found in the past, most flavored glosses taste, well, gross.  But these taste remarkably like the real candy in a non-nauseating and fun way. And they make great gifts for that 10 year old niece who has been eyeing your lipstick, but not old enough to step into cosmetics territory.
Oh, how sweet it is
Check out Lotta Luv and treat yourself to some delicious lip glosses.  And like them on Facebook

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