Just Say Ommmm: Aveda’s Chakra Collection of Balancing Body Mists

Inner balance: That sweet spot where mind, body, and soul all supposedly meet and live in harmony. A sweet spot that I have yet to ever find. I blame email. And Facebook. And texting. But also the subway and the people on it. So basically daily life. But, in an effort to help you find your inner balance, the good people over at Aveda are a bit more optimistic and have come out with a new line of balancing body mists, called the Chakra Collection
Meet Mr. Chakra

Now, look, I am someone who has never gotten into yoga, or “cleanses,” or meditation, despite the fact that I’m sure all these things are good for me. But a spray that might help calm me down? Oh ok, I’m in. This new line draws on Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old healing tradition from India that helps each person balance his or her own “chakras,” aka the 7 wheels of energy that affect our well-being and mental health. Each wheel controls a different area of the body, and thus reigns over a different set of emotions and needs. That’s where the body sprays come in: Is one of your chakra imbalanced? There’s a mist for that. Let’s say you want to feel more emotionally open. Then you’re dealing with the pleasure chakra– aka chakra #2. Need help expressing yourself and your thoughts? Chakra 5 it is. This helpful guide to each of the chakras makes it easy to pinpoint the chakra you might need help balancing most (Is it possible I need all of them? Because it sure seems that way.) 

Inner balance in a bottle?
Anyway, I decided to try chakra #4, which promotes harmony and connection to others. But, let’s be real, I also like that the scent for chakra #4 contains sandalwood. But we’re getting off topic. I quickly sprayed some of the mist on my wrist and inhaled. It’s a bit woody and citrusy, thanks to the sandalwood and mandarin, and perhaps the best way to sum it up might be to say that my skin smelled like a spa. And that alone is relaxing. I think, going forward, I would use it as a room spray and not a perfume, as I like sweeter and spicier body scents, but I am a fan. Did I feel more balanced? Well, as a neurotic person, I don’t know if that’s possible, but the smell is definitely pleasant and calming and I will be keeping a bottle in my bathroom to spray in the air before a nice hot shower. The closest to a spa I will get on a Monday night.

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