Hair U Wear Nowhere: Ombre Extensions by HAIRUWEAR

Extensions fail
Firstly, let me say, I know these extensions do not look good.  Definitely not on me, and I can’t imagine on anyone.  I’m not sitting at my desk right now thinking I look cute.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite.  I clipped in this hair piece at work so I can have a coworker snap some shots of me, but couldn’t wait to get this doll hair off my head. 

But let me take you back a few weeks. I was pretty excited when HAIRUWEAR asked if J or I would like to try their clip-in ombre extensions. I’ve been trying my hardest to grow my hair out.  After waiting 6 months for a haircut, I finally bit the bullet and got a trim, hoping once I cut the dead ends off, my hair would grow like Rapunzel’s. But in the meantime, I thought, maybe extensions could do the trick.  Plus they’re ombre– another trend I’ve wanted to try, which (to me) only looks good on long hair.  So two birds, one stone. Not to mention Raquel Welch designs a wig line for the brand, making them pretty credible in my eyes. 

I have medium dark brown hair, so I was told caramel would blend in with my natural hair the best. Or so I thought.  What I have on my head (see above) is caramel.  But when mixed with my natural dark brown hair, the color contrast is so drastic.  You can’t really see where the color fades, which is the whole point of ombre. My hair only looked (sorta) decent when I pinned back the front of my hair.  Evidence below:

Getting better, still not good.
My biggest complaint, even aside from the color looking so fake, is the texture of this piece.  It’s very stringy and shiny, kind of like Barbie hair.  All the fake hair is pushed in front of my shoulders and there’s nothing in the back.  So basically, it’s like 6 strings of hair. I even tried the extensions on my friend and coworker, S, because her hair is both lighter and longer than mine, thinking maybe it would blend better on her.

I may lose a friend as a result of the fake hair I forced her to wear.
The one thing I will say, though, is that it’s super easy to put in.  There are tiny combs on the inside of the hair piece that clip right in to your natural hair.  It takes two minutes to do and doesn’t hurt to take on or off. I was scared it would pull my real hair out, but when I unclipped the piece, the only hair that was falling out was the doll hair.

So in the end, I will not be rocking extensions (not these anyway).  But it was fun playing with really long hair.  Maybe in the summer I’ll be showing off my natural long ombre hair.  But for now this piece will stay put…in the trash.


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