Battle of the Wands: Urban Decay Skyscraper vs. Cover Girl Professional Remarkable

For some reason, while going on a rampage purchasing skin creams, concealers, and blushes, I neglected to purchase a product I actually needed: mascara. I’d been using Neutrogena’s Healthy Volume, and it was running low, and the sample tube of YSL’s Faux Cils mascara that I received was surprisingly … clumpy … and just not cutting it.
So on a recent marathon order, I decided to throw in CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Mascara, mostly because I was flipping through mascaras, it was $5, and I had never actually tried it before, or read reviews on it – be they good or bad. So color me super pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be considerably lengthening, with a nice amount of separation (you’ll notice in the pic above that some lashes did stick together a bit), and for the most part, just one coat gave a fan-like effect. My lashes stayed defined all day, and my only complaint would be that my lashes got a bit stiff. Still, for $5, this is a new drugstore favorite. It’s the ultimate “I forgot to wear mascara to work today and I’m going to dinner after so I need to grab something quickly at Duane Reade” product.

Another mascara I picked up recently: Urban Decay’s Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara. It promises to “lengthen, strengthen, separate, curl, brighten, and thicken your lashes sans clumping or flaking.” A tall order, yes, but one that, somehow, it manages to fulfill. Well I guess I didn’t notice any “brightening,” and I can’t vouch for the “strengthening” as of yet, but my lashes were lifted, separated, and lengthened (see pic). But the best part? Hours later there were no smudges and they were still SOFT. They felt like lashes. And the bottle is sort of gorgeous, too. So go get. 

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