Guest Post! Winter Tan in A Can: Ulta and Body Drench Quick Tan

Boston fan (and friend) of Brooklyn Dolls, L, is a devotee of tan in a can, and the naturally fair skinned girl (not to mention blessed with a gorgeous red mane) always looks all glowy and tan, so we figured: Who better to ask to write about her two favorite self tanners? Unless you’re headed to the tropics this winter for the real thing, best take notes: 

Before and after: natural but noticeable tan a few minutes post-spray

As a fair skinned ginger I’ve long since been in search of the perfect summer glow.  I had a brief love affair with tanning booths when I was 16, but thankfully I kicked that habit.  Since my 9 to 5 job gets in the way of achieving real-life tan in the summer (not to mention the damage it would do to my skin!), I’ve turned to tan in a can.  I’m especially reliant on my bottled sun this time of year when my skin is almost translucent.  A good fake tan means I need less make-up to cover up my dark circles and old acne scars.  At this point, I’ve tried just about everything, to the point where I used to hire a woman to come spray me in my own living room. Really. And while I still make an occasional trip to Versa Spa, which provides a great instant spray tan, scheduling can be a pain– and I feel sort of awkward leaving on my lunch break as a pale ginger and returning as a Guidette.  I also feel the tan doesn’t last nearly as long as I’d like for the money I’m paying.  After lots of trial and error and some awkward orange legs later, I’ve finally found 2 spray tans I’m fully addicted to.  For long lasting tans, I like to use Ulta Tinted Self-Tanning Continuous Spray for $9 at Ulta stores.  

Contestant #1

The application is easy and pretty foolproof.  I’ve never had any major issues with streaks, but I will say I need to figure a better system for spraying my upper arms because my armpits end up getting mad dark, which looks a little sketch.  The smell isn’t awesome, but I usually get used to it after a couple days of continuous use.  I spray every day or every two days and then the tan lasts for about a week when I don’t keep up with it. Not bad at all. I was using the Medium Deep color, but have switched to the Light for winter.  It can get a little orange-ish if you OD on it so make sure you have an honest friend who will step in and tell you when it’s time to stop. 

Tan in a can, plus a good scent
 For instant summer skin, I rely on Body Drench Quick Tan Sunless Tanning Mist.  I buy 3 packs for $32 off of Amazon.  This is the only fake tanning product I’ve used that actually has an amazing scent.  It smells like coconut and chocolate, so I don’t even have to worry about smelling like a Snooki when I spray it on before going out.  It gives you a natural looking tan, and is definitely more brown than orange.  It sprays on a little more streaky than the Ulta, but is easily rubbed in.  One word of advice when you spray- I suggest putting an old towel down.  It’s too late for my rug, which now has the awkward tan lines of someone who accidentally fell asleep in the sun. 

The finished product: Lya admiring her tanned legs

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