Clear Scalp, Happy Hair: Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy

Perhaps the shampoo of 2013
Following J’s last post on her recent hair venture, I have also been in the market for a new hair look. For the past few years, my hair has not seen past my shoulders.  Every year I say I’m going to let it grow and then I sit in the chair, and well, the rest is history. But this year, I will let it grow. In 2012 my hair has met its share of hot rollers, hair blowers and straighteners, and let’s not forget (or maybe we should), that week I was a blonde.  All the above have taken quite a toll on my locks. Last week I had an appointment to get a trim to take some of the excess heat damage off my hair, but scared I’d walk out with the same old bob, I cancelled my appointment. Too scared to get a cut and left with dry, processed hair, what’s a girl to do? Go to Duane Reade and spend lots of money on products you probably don’t need, of course!  So that’s what I did.  In one hand I had In Touch’s “Stars Without Makeup”, and in the other, a facial cleanser, a moisturizer and a new shampoo. That shampoo being Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy.
If you ever watch Bravo or E!, then you’ve definitely seen Heidi Klum promoting Clear Shampoo, over, and over, and over again. I personally am not a fan of Ms. Klum.  A woman who could have four kids and look the way she does, really can go…  But I digress.  I figured why not try a shampoo that promises stronger hair without any breakage, from scalp to tip. Maybe this bottle will bring my hair back to life and cure my split ends? And for $5 a bottle, even better. I chose the Volumizing Body Boost Nourishing Shampoo, because, well, I like big hair.  I’ve used for two washes now and I can safely say my hair is definitely less frizzy.  My go-to shampoo prior was always Pantene, mostly because Kyle Richards and her mane swear by it. Since using, I’ve also noticed my hair feels softer and bouncier sans hair blower or rollers.  If you look closely, you can see the remains of the layers I cut six months ago.
“Find the Perfect Collection for You” tool: as if I needed to be reminded how damaged my hair is underneath Heidi’s picture
I found the brand’s website pretty good too, especially the 5 tips for preventing breakage.  All of which I have not obeyed.  You can also pick the shampoo that’s best for you by identifying your hair and scalp type within the “Find the Perfect Collection for You” section. I’m still not a fan of Heidi Klum, and I probably should bite the bullet a get my hair trimmed, but I will say this shampoo passed the test.  Go get.

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