Real Love: Rita Hazan Pop Color

Teensiest bit of blue
My new favorite toy is Rita Hazan’s Pop Color Temporary Color Spray for Hair. As someone who loves tiny strips of haircolor, but could never commit to anything permanent, this spray bottle, which comes in three colors, is seriously the holy grail. I tested blue in Sephora (above), but ended up buying purple (also above), which is slightly more subtle. 
Here she is in purple
First of all, let me just praise this product because it actually shows up on dark hair, whereas many of the colored chalks that claim to have similar effects do not. Second of all, it is so easy to use. Meaning, you cannot eff this up. You hold the can about 12 inches from your head, spray on the desired section, and voila! Bonus points for, despite a strong smell, the formula being paraben- and sulfate- free, and extra credit for coming out super easily with just one shampoo. Sure, $18 for a small can isn’t cheap, but it’s a lot less expensive than shelling out than real highlights that may or may not look good on you and that you may get tired of quickly. So go get. 

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