Red Hot Shades, Courtesy of Lancome Rouge in Love, Revlon Super Lustrous and Brucci

à la mode dita von teese
Red lip icon: Dita von Teese

There are certain products that will always have a home in my makeup bag: Maybelline Great Lash mascara, Prestige eyeliner, Benefit High Beam highlighter, and alas, red lipstick.  My obsession with lipstick probably started when I was six years old and would rummage through my mom’s makeup case.  As I grew older, my mom would always say, “Coletta, a little lipstick and mascara go a long way.  And, do you really need that second slice of pizza?” Some concepts were easier for me to grasp than others.  Even to this day, my mom may be sitting on the couch in a house dress (she’s Italian, she can’t help it), but her lipstick is staying put. 

This past summer I was all about fuchsia lip color and fell in love with a few.  Though, I retired the pinks for deeper shades of red as soon as the weather got cold. The red lip is a nice complement to my pale winter skin. So for all you fair-skinned, dark-haired gals, pay close attention.  Here are three of my favorite red options to fit any budget range:  
In love with Lancome’s Rouge in Love
The first is Lancome’s Rouge in Love in Rouge Valentine.  This summer J & I were sporting the brand’s pinker tones, Midnight Rose and Roses in Love, respectively. At $25, expectations are high for this lipstick– as they should be.  Well, Lancome does not disappoint.  The line promises 6 hours of wear, and for the most part, the color does last that long. As for coverage it’s on the lighter side: glossy, weightless, and not super saturated. Rouge Valentine is a medium red, not too deep, and perfect for the workday-to-evening-date transition. For a deeper, even more winter-y red, try Rouge Saint Honore.
Revlon Super Lustrous - Creme Lipstick, Love That Red
Want lustrous lips? Try Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick
The next (and probably my favorite of all three) is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Certainly Red. This is also the same brand that gave us the much adored shade, Cherries in the Snow.  I don’t know how Revlon does it, but as soon as I apply, my lips look plumper.  For the full effect, I then dab a highlighting powder on my bottom lip and upper lip bow. The color is a bit too glossy for my taste, so I  usually blot it a bit and wear more as a stain. Sure, it doesn’t last as long as Rouge in Love, but for a third of the price, we don’t expect it to.
I only bring the finest lipstick to work: Brucci Red Matte

And lastly, the least expensive option for a perfect red lip is Brucci’s Red Matte (not sold online, but you can find in your local CVS).  I’m a huge fan of Brucci’s lip and nail colors. The lipstick line is simple: red is red matte, pink is pink matte, and so on.  It also comes in a more sophisticated black and gold case, as opposed to the brand’s original clear packaging. The color is indeed very matte, but also a tad drying. It’s a true shade of red, more than any other lipstick I own.  In the winter when my skin is already dry, I apply some clear gloss on top for moisture. This helps my lips from looking flaky and keeps the color locked in. 

So there you have it – Brooklyn Dolls’ red roundup.  Let us know what brand of red you’re loving this season.

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