Spinning Class: Goody’s Simple Styles Spin Hair Pin

Oh what fun it is to spin
I have long been dubious about the outrageous claim made by Goody’s Simple Styles Spin Hair Pin that, with just two pins that twist into your hair, you can hold an updo in place. So for a year or so I’ve debated trying the tool out– no small feat if you consider I’ll drop $20 on a lipstick that I’ll wear once, but not $8 on a hair product that has received good reviews– until I finally caved in Duane Reade last week after one of my coworkers swore the pins really worked. My hair is so thick, I argued, but she insisted. So, simple enough, I bought a pack, twisted my hair into a topknot (as I’m not a huge fan of the low bun that you see on the box above) and inserted the pins as instructed. Easy enough, the coils twirled right in, disappeared, and held the bun in place in less than 30 seconds. Wowza. It’s sort of genius.
The problem, you see, came later. After walking around a bit and getting on the subway, the bun started a downward spiral. This happens with elastics too, of course, but the pins are trickier to fix while walking along a sidewalk or riding the good ol’ MTA. I’ve tried them again several times, including with hairspray, and I always, always love the result as soon as the pins go in, and slowly get disappointed as I wear them throughout the day. But as long as I’m not walking too much, they are perfect. Full disclosure: the styles recommended on the Goody site don’t include the high bun (though, what the heck is a “double bun?”), so it’s not like Goody is making false claims. And, yes, the pins look quite nice and DO stay in place better with a low bun/chignon-type-thing, but it’s just not my go-to look. So would I recommend these? Yes, definitely. But proceed with caution if, like me, you have long, thick hair and want to use the pins for topknots and high buns and all that good stuff. 

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