H2O Yes: H2O+’s Sea Mineral Mud Mask

Can’t live without H2O’s mud mask, nor should you have to.
I’ve never been one to hide my skincare routine. Since turning the ripe old age of 25 (ahem ahem years ago), I’ve been on the quest for the best products in the anti-aging universe.  I’ve tried it all – the creams, the masks, the lotions, the serums – and I mean it in the most PG way possible. Along the way I’ve definitely found a few that have made a permanent home in my medicine cabinet.  H2O+ and Jurlique continue to be two brands that I trust anything they recommend, and will buy anything they sell.  My Mastercard can vouch for this.
Last weekend, I gave my skin a treat and tried H2O+’s Sea Mineral Mud Mask. I made a visit to Turks and Caicos two weeks ago and my skin took a sun beating. Between the sunblock which caused me to break out, and the sun itself, I needed to do something to erase any damage.  I bought the mask months ago and for some reason it never saw the light of day. This electric blue mask promises to make your skin smooth and remove any impurities caused by stress and the outside world.  An opportune time to try, I must say.
The mud mask did make good on its promise. It says to leave on for 5 – 10 minutes, but I left on for closer to 30 minutes.  Once I start watching Real Housewives, I really can’t stop. My favorite part admittedly is the color.  I owe you guys a picture, I know.  The bright blue clay gives the impression your skin is already brighter and healthier as opposed to those boring brown mud masks we’ve all used before.  It tingles a bit but I choke it up to: Oh, it’s working! Or it was my face’s way of saying put down the remote and go wash this off.  Once I removed the mask wish some warm water, though, my skin definitely looked shinier in a good way.  It felt tight and my pores did appear smaller. And I couldn’t help but notice when I touched my skin, I didn’t feel any tiny pimples on my cheeks where my skin tends to be rough.  
All in all, I would say this product is a success.  Though my quest did not stop here. The next morning, I ordered Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty Skincare line.  And I also treated myself to a slew of age prevention products from Jurlique.  Full report to follow.

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