(Still) Going Au Naturel: ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner

So I’m still on my natural-makeup kick, and while perusing Catbird last week for more candles, I picked up one of the Ilia tinted lip conditioners that I’ve had my eye on for some time. This relatively new line of lip products is 85% organic, with “bio-active botanicals” that promise to nourish the skin. Considering that women can ingest 4-7 lbs of lipstick in a lifetime, eating something that’s most natural seems like a not-so-bad idea. And granted, the $24 price tag was a bit steep, but it’s all for the love of research, really.

Meet the new kid on the organic block
These sheer lipsticks can be layered for color intensity and while I loved the blackberry stain, Arabian Knights, C just bought me a similar shade, YSL’s Volupte Sheer Candy in Mouthwatering Berry, for my birthday and I love it, so I decided to go with something more nude. Enter Nobody’s Baby, a sheer nudish pink that, when applied to my hand, had a subtle salmon sheen. As soon as I got home, I applied to my lips:
My lips, but a teensy bit better
As you can see, it’s VERY natural. The first couple swipes may have as well been from a clear lip balm, but after applying several coats, it pink-ened my lips every so slightly. And they did feel smooth and moisturized for some time afterwards. Was it worth $24? Maybe. I’m definitely willing to spend more on natural products, and it sort of goes with the territory, but I wish I’d gotten a color that showed up a bit stronger, even if it’s a nude pink. So, you know, don’t judge me if I go back for another shade. For a more wallet-friendly (though non-organic) option, I would recommend Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Pink Punch (see our review here). At $3 a pop and with SPF 20, it’s not a bad alternative if you’re looking for a moisturizing balm with a bit of pink color. 

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