Bobbi Brown: Pop (Up) of Genius

Bobbi Brown’s latest treasure: Treasure & Bond location
Kudos to Bobbi Brown on not only her new book, but on her new string of pop-up stores heard around the city.  The makeup artist known for her line of foundations and bronzers (at least in my mind) introduced the stores in August 2012.  And last week, I checked out Soho’s Treasure & Bond (owned by Nordstrom), one of her NYC pop-up locations.  Miss Brown’s display captured what her makeup line represents – simple, easy and functional.  The store at the downtown location is very modest: one counter with jars of products and her latest book, Pretty Powerful, prominently on display. 

As Bobbi said herself, “I wanted a convenient place for women on the go, where they could escape in the middle of their commute for a second to grab that product they’d been out of for weeks but couldn’t get to a department store to pick up, or to get a speedy five-minute touch up, or even a longer makeup application before a night out.” Well, then.
The other pop-up store to check out is in Grand Central.  At said midtown location, makeup artists are on hand at all times to apply touch-ups and give tutorials on quick makeup application. The store is scheduled to stay open through January, helping us ladies during the hectic holiday season battle through the daily grind with her best face on.  And for that Miss Brown, we ladies thank you.

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