Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge

The stuff that (long-lasting lipstick) dreams are made of
Ah yes, the elusive long-lasting lip color. Many brands have tried to create it, many brands have failed. And Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge version promises the best of many worlds: The color intensity of a lipstick, the staying power of a stain, and the shine of a gloss. Come to think of it, Aqua Rouge’s claims actually sound pretty similar to those of YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture, which C loved, but found to be not exactly marathon-lasting. Kind of lofty goals, if you ask me, but MUFE always does a good job, so we were excited to try. So, here’s how it goes: there’s two steps, first you apply the color-dense liquid lipstick, which has a dense, paint-like opacity, followed by a quick swipe of a clear gloss.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in Light Rosewood
The result? The color, once locked in with the gloss, stays smooth and non-drying, though it doesn’t look shiny– a plus if you want a more subdued look, but not if you want a ultra-glossy pout (in which case, go for the YSL Rouge Pur Couture). And be careful applying the clear gloss, as the brush tends to move the color around and deposit it around your lips in a 1990s lipliner fashion. So you know, lighthanded touch when doing that, followed by some lip-smacking to even things out. But once you’re all set, it LASTS. I mean like, through a shower, after hours of wear, all that. And then needs a good scrubbing to get off, which I know C hates, but I have to admit is kind of nice when you’ve been going to as many weddings as I have and find yourself reapplying your gloss every 30 minutes. So if you’re serious about wanting all-day color and don’t mind having to do some manual labor to get said color off, then MUFE’s Aqua Rouge is kind of the answer to all your prayers.

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