Making Scents: Perfect Fall Candles from Slatkin & Co., Lafco, and Catbird

It’s fall again, and even though I’ve been using my “fall” candles all spring and summer, I’m excited to use them in an appropriate season at long last. Lucky for you though, readers, I have discovered a couple new favorites since we last spoke about our scented friends, so without further ado:
Your own personal ski lodge in a tiny jar

Lafco’s Feu de Bois / Ski House: Lafco’s candle line, while pricey ($55), is kind of genius: Each fragrance is named after a room of a house or a type of lodging, and recreates the feel of said area via scent. And Ski House is everything you hope it’d smell like: Firewood, with a touch of clean mountain air. It really warms up a room without being cloying, and I have to say it’s neck in neck for first place with the other Feu de Bois in my life, , Dyptique’s version of the scent, which is a bit smokier.

Smells like food, is not.

Slatkin and Co.’s Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin: Yes, it’s very sweet. And sure, maybe not perfect for night. But light this baby up during the day and it’ll smell exactly like you’re baking a pumpkin pie. No one has to know about the frozen Mrs. Smiths in the freezer.
No need to go camping now (or, really, ever)

Catbird’s Campfire: I know you’re probably thinking: Enough with the firewood candles already. Point taken. But I do have to include this one because it also has leather, honeyed tea, and tobacco, giving it more of a raw, earthy smell than its competitors do. Catbird, my favorite store on earth, mainly carries jewelry, but its candle line is pretty amazing. I’m also a fan of their intoxicating scent, Tarot Deck, which I’ve been meaning to pick up since I sniffed it in-store: It’s musky and floral and kind of everything you’d want a gypsy fortune teller to smell like.

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