Sunblock as Perfume: Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil (and Say Hello to Bed!)

Sunblock scent for grown-ups

Remember when I said I loved the scent of Hawaiian Tropic sunblock and would use it as a (really cheap, lazy-ass) perfume? Well, Bobbi Brown bottled that, appropriately called it Beach, and made it into an oil that smells insane — like if said Hawaiian Tropic lotion grew up and got a bit less coconut-y and more refined. Yes, the oil is a bit greasy, but when used on legs and shoulders before a night out, it really gives them a nice sheen and light scent, one that almost makes humid summer nights bearable. Almost. And at only $30 a bottle, it’s a lot cheaper than the line’s fragrance spray, but with the added bonus of moisturizing oils. So I think we can all agree Beach Body Oil is a logical “go get.”

New guy in town

Which brings me to the next order of business: Bobbi Brown’s new, limited-edition Bed Perfume Oil. At $70 for a quarter of an ounce, it’s sort of pricey, but the packaging is gorgeous and sort of un-Bobbi Brown-like, in that it’s a bit glitzy and antiqued-looking (vs. the brand’s usual clean/simple aesthetic). Scented with neroli, orange flower, and jasmine, I’m super curious how the soft floral combo will smell on skin — and if it’s anything as good as Beach, count me in. I’m putting Bed on my fall wish list, as I’m dreaming of wearing something neroli-scented on cooler nights, bundled under a scarf. Scarves! Remember those? Though in recent years, it’s been hot until November, so I might as well buy this sooner, put on the AC, and pretend it’s Thanksgiving. Sighhhh.


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