Perfect Your Summer Tan with Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder and Avon’s Glow Line

My partner in (tanning crime): Avon Glow Bronzing Powder
Nothing says summer quite like sun-kissed skin.  I can live without humidity, the sweltering subway platforms and packed beaches.  I’d trade in my bathing suit for a fur jacket any day.  But, if I have to suffer through the heat, I might as well look good– or at least tan.  In recent years I’ve become more conscious of being in the sun.  I’ve read enough June issues of Allure to know the damage the sun can cause: skin cancer, wrinkles, sunspots, oh, and wrinkles.
One might ask how do I fake that summer tan without the harsh effects of the sun or tanning booth? Well, you’re in luck!  I’ve tried the gradual tanning products by L’Oreal.  I’m still waiting for my refund.  L’Oreal left me streaky.  I turned to Bobbi Brown (not of New Edition fame) for help.  Bobbi’s Bronzing Powder is probably the most acclaimed within her suite of products. It comes in three shades: light tan, medium soft tan, medium brown.  Not much of a selection, but somehow she makes it work. I apply the bronzer across my forehead, along my cheekbones and bridge of my nose – where the sun would naturally hit. This technique also helps define the cheekbones, which is a #1 priority for both J & myself.  Bobbi’s bronzer is pretty pricey ($36), but it only takes a few sweeps to get that bronzed goddess look, so it lasts.
For a more cost-effective alternative, try Avon’s Glow line.  I treated myself in trying both the Bronzing Pearls and Bronzing Powder. I’m not a huge fan of the pearls, as the powder from the beads gets messy, and it takes a few too many coats to see a noticeable difference.  The pressed powder, on the other hand, is easy to apply and the pigments are more concentrated, making the color more noticeable– and me more tan.  But be careful not to make it too noticeable – you won’t fool anyone. I have a base from Miami so I figured the Deep Tan shade wouldn’t be too harsh on my medium skin tone.  This shade came on a little too brown for me so I’m giving the Light Sands color a whirl the next time around.  And there will be a next time around.  I’m not willing to give up my tan just yet. Nor should you.

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