The Queen of Queens: Blossom Nail Salon

Spotted: zebra print chairs
Like many of you beauty worshippers, I’m a creature of habit.  I get my brows plucked (now threaded!) every three weeks, my nails done every two, and haircut and facials twice a year.  But my move from Brooklyn to Queens (I know, it feels weird even saying it) impeded on said routine.  I found myself going into Brooklyn for my mani/pedi because I wouldn’t trust any place other than Unique Nail Design (previously reviewed here). Don’t get me wrong, I’m in Brooklyn all the time to visit my parents and take home mom’s homemade food.  But having to go to Brooklyn to get my nails did become a bit of an annoyance – especially when my feet looked like I walked through hot coals and gravel and I’d have to wait until I was in the old neighborhood.

My friend and longtime BD reader, D, introduced me to a nail salon in Astoria.  She lived in the area for a year or so longer than me and already had her favorite, trusted places.  So I gave in and we went to Blossom in Astoria, which is also a spa, just without the spa prices attached. Their services include nails, waxing, massages, facials, mystique tanning and even teeth whitening.  A one stop shop, I’d say.  And their packages are great: My favorite is the manicure, pedicure and 30 minute massage for only $49!  They have OPI (my favorite, aside from Brucci) and Essie collections, and sterilize the instruments, which is key. And when your nails are drying you get a complimentary hot stone massage. Manicures alone are only $8, and pedicures $15.  So, yes, it’s a tad pricier than Unique Nail Design in Brooklyn, but I’ll admit a tad classier too.  Meaning, you won’t find leftover Valentine’s Day decorations hanging from the ceiling (sadly). So next time you’re in Astoria, most likely for the Bohemian Beer Garden, check out Blossom.  If it’s on the weekend, I’d suggest making an appointment; otherwise go next door to a restaurant called Mojave and get yourself a sangria for the wait.


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