Just Hanging Out With Roberto Cavalli and DVF (Perfumes)

Yes, the bottle could be better, but whatever
I know I’ve written before about wanting a signature scent, but it’s sort of impossible what with all the new fragrances that come out all. the. time. With a recent Sephora order, I got to choose a deluxe sample fragrance (thanks, Sephora!), and I wisely chose Roberto Cavalli’s latest, imaginatively called Roberto Cavalli. But who cares. It’s amazing: slightly spicy and sweet (due to a blend of pink peppercorn, orange flower, and plum), but not too sexy that you can’t wear it to work. It also smells even better on me than in the bottle, which makes me feel special because I like to think that means it just blends super well with my natural chemistry. And yes, the full-size bottle is calling my name, but I’m using my sample sparingly and trying to have self-control.
Ta-daaa: DVF’s newest
Another perfume on my radar: Diane Von Furstenberg has come out with her second scent,  Sunny Diane. I’m a fan of the original scent from the legendary designer, simply named Diane, which is floral and musky and very wearable– almost comforting, if that makes sense. This summer version claims to be just that- as good, but with a crisper, more citrus-y summer subtext, thanks to the addition of mandarin and driftwood to the original formula. So if you’re in the market for a summer scent, go get. I’ve been checking the newly redesigned perfume section of the Soho Sephora like a hawk, but no Sunny Diane yet. But til then, and perhaps after, I’ll be here, still trying to find that holy grail: that signature scent.

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