Dear Suave Everlasting Sunshine Deodorant: You Are My Sunshine

Your new favorite thing this summer, seriously. 

It’s only the beginning of July, and we’ve already had a couple heat waves here in Florida. Oh wait, no, we’re in New York. But I think it’s hotter than Florida, actually. So that’s reassuring. But before I can plot my escape to Canada, I found something to help make this disgusting weather more bearable, and it only costs around three dollars. 

Meet Suave Everlasting Sunshine Invisible Solid Deodorant. I know I’ve sworn by Donna Karan Cashmere Mist before, but this is just as effective, if not more so. Translation: It  works great, better than clinical formulas I’ve tried, and prevents odor extremely well, if up to a point. Granted, that point is hours away, but– atleast for me– when I’ve been outside for hours in the humidity, say shopping in Miami (sigh), I definitely need a reapplication of any deodorant, even the best ones. That being said, if you know of one that lasts 12 hours plus, please let me know. We’ll feature a giant picture of you on our blog.

But until I find said miracle deodorant, this is my new go-to. Suave Everlasting Sunshine really stops wetness and when the scent starts to kick in as, it’s great: Not overpowering, and like a warm, slightly vanilla floral. And I hate the smell of most deodorants, those “violet lily” or “shower fresh” or whatever baby powdery nonsenses. This, though, is brilliant- and a lot cheaper than Cashmere Mist. Who knew the basic Suave formula worked so well? Not I. Be careful of white marks, though, as it’s not really the “invisible solid” it claims to be, and tends to transfer on dark clothes. Small price to pay, though, if you ask me.  And really my main concern is this: Suave, can you make this in a travel size for my bag?

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