Argan You Glad You Tried This? A Thank You to Josie Maran

Thank you, Josie Maran

We’re back! Apologies for the couple months we took off; C and I both started new jobs and had to sadly put our blogging lives on hold for some time. But rest assured that, during those two months, we continued to buy numerous products that we probably didn’t need, but that we are happy to review for you. And of course, we want to start off with a bang, so I’m going to fill you, dear readers, in on a product that C and I both recently purchased and BOTH fell in love with. 

You see, there are two things that usually make me roll my eyes when it comes to beauty products (please note that in life, there are many things that make me roll my eyes): Things that are all-natural, and things that are over-hyped. Josie Maran Argan Oil fits into both of those categories. People have praised it in reviews as the holy-grail, and it’s also super organic and claims to heal everything: from dry skin to crappy cuticles to split ends. I got a small vial as a sample with a Sephora order and kind of put it aside BUT THEN C and I were in the Jersey Shore with another Brooklyn Doll, also named J, who swore it had curbed her break-outs. Say no more. As hesitant as I am to use oils on my face, and aside from the fact that I try to use oil-free everything, I was on board. C also bought a jar of it, and I, unknowingly got her one for her birthday as well. Great minds…

So anyway, you probably know where this review is going. The Argan Oil is amazing. I use it day and night instead of moisturizer and sure, I know it’s summer and my skin is less dry anyway, but I also do get less breakouts and have even stopped using my prescription acne cream every night. I’m down to using it a couple nights a week, in fact.  Just a few drops of the Vitamin E-enriched serum, and it works its magic (C uses a lot more than a few drops, but to each their own). I have yet to try it on cuticles or in my hair, but I have to (reluctantly) admit that the hype is true as far as skin goes. Am I right, C? The verdict is still out on whether the product will be as reliable in colder, windier months, but until then, I am a fan.


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