Coconuts and Cucumbers and Peaches, Oh My! Meet the Bath and Body Works Spring Candle Collection

a.k.a. Hello, Vanilla

One of the things I love most about winter (besides the layering possibilities, darker makeup colors, and the fact that people walk faster and don’t annoyingly meander down sidewalks as much) is sitting inside with candles and blankets and hot drinks and feeling like it’s perfectly acceptable to not go outside. Because very few good things happen outside. This past “winter,” if we can even call this sad snowless season that, my boyfriend and I were really into lighting a ton of candles, especially wintery scented ones, because those are the best. Aside from my all-time (albeit pricey) favorite, Diptyque’s Feu de Bois, I discovered a similar cozy, woodsy– and must more wallet-friendly–scent in Bath and Body Works’ Winter candle, by Slatkin & Co. It has the same firewood base as the Feu de Bois, with a touch of pine and bay leaf. And still it stays mild and pleasant enough so that you can eat a meal next to it and not feel like you’re suffocating. In fact, we burnt one during a party and a number of people came over to ask where it was from. Thanks, Bath and Body Works!

Summer in a jar … well, almost.

So imagine my upset when I went to the Bath and Body Works site to buy another Winter candle only to see that the spring collection was out, with no remnants of the winter line. Instead, tropical and floral scents were here, like Lilac Blossom, Green Grass, Pineapple Punch, and Seaside Escape (you get the idea). Rather than fight the changing seasons, because I sadly give up at this point, I decided to order a few minis to test them. Two similar ones I ordered were Tiki Beach and Aloha Vanilla, both variations on a vanilla/coconut blend. Aloha Vanilla, however, is fresher and less sweet–Tiki Beach is pretty at first, and faintly tropical, but after a few minutes it started to remind me a bit of air freshener. Sea Spray is, naturally, somewhat beachy, with a touch of cucumber. It’s not bad, but I think I am definitely more of a “warm” scent person, and this is definitely more on the fresh end. I have to say my favorite is Coconut Water, which, you guessed it, is another vanilla/coconut blend, but with a touch of pineapple. Maybe some people would find this too much, but I think it smells sort of like Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion, which is one of the few things I actually like about summer, that combined smell of sand and coconut and heat on your skin. So my pick goes to this candle. That being said,if you’re more into light, floral scents, there are a ton of those as well in the full collection.

Representing the “Fresh Picked” Collection: Market Peach!

Even more recently, the store released their “Fresh Picked Favorites” line, which ha
s intensely fruity scents like Wild Strawberry, Gingham Apple, and Blackberry Grapefruit. The kind people at Bath and Body Works sent over the Market Peach and, no joke, it smells EXACTLY like peaches. You might as well be holding a half-eaten peach. It’s realistic and not too sweet and kind of perfect for late spring dinners in the yard (or atleast that’s what I’ll tell myself to make the best of warmer weather). Sure, I will have to wait awhile for my favorite Winter candle, and I’ll still be burning Feu de Bois a lot, shutting the shades, and pretending it’s November in July at times, but these summer scents from Bath and Body Works will make the wait for fall a bit easier.


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