All American: American Apparel Lip Gloss

Just sheer enough, but not too sheer: A fine balance

So, a couple weeks ago, I had to grab a basic tee from American Apparel as part of an arts-and-crafts project for a certain someone’s Valentine’s Day present. I dragged good friend and work bud A with me, promising her it would take a maximum of 4 minutes. 3o minutes, two colorful thin Sharpies, and a black skirt later (and a velvet turban for A), we were standing at the register when I noticed the store’s line of rainbow-colored lip glosses. I have long been a fan of AA’s nail polish colors– let’s ignore the time they were recalled for some bottle defect– and have to say the array of bright lip gloss tubes looked fairly impressive, too. In particular, the fuchsia pink shade caught my good eye. After being upset over the recent L’Oreal Coulour Riche Le Gloss Watermelon Crush letdown, I was wary of jumping straight into another pink gloss failure, but the salesgirl assured me the color wasn’t too sheer. And clearly that was all the convincing I needed. $12 later (kind of a lot for American Apparel, but ok), the Micromesh Lip Gloss was mine all mine.

Now, we all know I have been dreaming of the perfect shiny, deep-pink gloss recently. Other things I have dreamt of from time to time have included: owning a vacation apt in Miami filled with caftans; being whisked around the globe by an older, mysterious writer; living in Paris and only wearing furs; owning a beauty shop where C and I would have Dunkin Donuts coffee on tap. But you’d think pink gloss was a realistic request. And Micromesh … almost meets my requirements. It’s really shiny and glossy and bright.The color shown at the link on the models’ lips is accurate, and I have to praise the site for showing each color on two models, to demonstrate how the shade looks with different tones of skin. I wish more brands would do that. Kudos, AA. My one complaint about the gloss, though, is that it really doesn’t last long. However, a fair trade for that is that it’s not sticky and doesn’t have any weird taste. Which reminds me of Benefit‘s Glossiness in Who Are You Wearing?, a similar pink shade, but one that had a funny taste and smell. It has since been discontinued. Go figure.

Anyway, Micromesh is definitely what I would call a “going-out” gloss, as it draws a lot of attention to your lips, and is definitely flirty. I’m excited to wear it in Miami with C this coming May (we don’t own an apt there … yet), I am thinking with denim cutoffs and an off-the-shoulder white top. In fact, everything C and I have bought in the past few months has been to wear in Miami. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Whatever gets you through the day, people. I also just might invest, for daytime wear, in the line’s nude shade, Topless. Which, come to think of it, is exactly what I’d expect American Apparel to name a shade.


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