MAC Daddy of Makeup – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish and Dollymix Blush

MAC…welcome home

This post could not come at a better time. I’m about to tell you about my newest loves which are part of my favorite cosmetics line of all time, MAC Cosmetics. This is the brand that got me hooked on makeup. But before I do, I have to share exciting news that is also taking me back to my roots. Today I heard about a new show set in Brooklyn (thanks J for the heads up) calledBrooklyn 11223 which happens to be the zip code I grew up and my parents still live. Sure, some people might be disgusted by a show that could portray their neighborhood in a negative light. But I proudly embrace it and understand people’s fascination with Brooklyn aka the greatest place on earth. I must agree with Brooklyn 11223‘s tagline, “This ain’t Jersey. It’s Brooklyn.” I digress…back to makeup.

Last week I was perusing Bloomingdale’s as I tend to do on my lunch break in hopes that someone would finally realize I’m too fabulous for the office life and tell me it’s not necessary to go back to work and hand me my fortune. I’m extremely confident that will happen one of these days, but in the meantime, I play with makeup. I was in the mood to try something new. So I went over to the MAC counter on the second floor near Rachel Zoe’s sequins (sigh) and shopped for something I don’t already have. Sure, what do you get for a girl who has it all (hint: tickets to Disney World Parks). I was disappointed that MAC sold out of Iris Apfel’s lipstick in Pink Pigeon so I didn’t want to humor their other lipstick shades. I asked the makeup artist for something that would wake my face up (thanks, work) and she suggested Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. She said it would give my skin the right amount of glow for daytime without looking over the top with shine aka Kim K. And it would help my already high cheekbones (thank you, thank you) stand out. Any product guaranteed to flaunt my cheekbones is a product I MUST own. So sold.

While I was in the mood to shop I also picked up MAC’s Powder Blush in Dollymix. It’s a really bold pink. You would think when looking at the color you might end up looking like Raggedy Ann. But no no. It’s actually pretty sheer. Keep layering it on for heavy color as I do. Unless you have a heavy hand, you don’t have to worry about looking like a drag queen. But if that’s the look you enjoy (I honestly don’t blame you), then you came to the right brand. Natural schmatural.

Ok, so run to the MAC counter in the Macy’s in Kings Plaza. Again, staying true to my roots. If you can only buy one product, get this one.


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