All Aboard the Choo (Choo) Train: Jimmy Choo Fragrance

A few months ago, I smelled a tester strip of Jimmy Choo’s Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum. And. It. Was. Amazing. Just the perfect blend of sweet/woodsy/floral that I look for in all my scents, but a touch more mysterious than say, Kat Von D’s Sinner, and a bit more innocent than another of my favorites, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique. I was obsessed. And yet, I didn’t get it. Sephora didn’t carry it, and I didn’t want to order it online from another store, and I also have SO many perfumes. Flash forward to a couple weeks ago, and I was perusing and saw that they now carry Jimmy Choo fragrance. Done. So that was pretty much all the convincing it took. I ordered the smaller bottle (it’s sort of pricey, at $55 for the 1.3oz size), and within a couple days it arrived in a tacky, pink alligator print box. But we’ll ignore that. Especially since the bottle is this simple rounded glass in a pretty blush pink.

So anyway, it is definitely stronger from the bottle than it was on the test strip (I know, so surprising, right?) and at first I was like ahhh what did I do? And then, within 30 minutes, it faded into that perfect scent I remembered. The site describes the scent as a blend of tiger orchid, sweet toffee, and patchouli, along with “green top notes,” but I have to be honest, those words mean nothing to me. It just smells sort of romantic and sexy, without being standoff-ish (apparently the Gucci by Gucci–side note: Sephora stopped selling this! What!–I’ve been wearing in the evening was a bit “intense,” but I won’t point fingers as to who didn’t tell me that until I switched to Jimmy Choo).

And so there you have it. Pricey? Indeed. But Jimmy Choo is now a new part of my perfume line-up, and it pays for itself in that really does last longer than other scents. One tip is that it a lot of the scent comes out of spray top at once, so I actually spray it on a tissue and then dab it on so it’s not all concentrated in one spot. But that’s just me.

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