The Teal Lagoon: Artistry Eyeliner Pencil

Behold: Perfect smudginess

So, lots of big goings-on around New York lately. Whitney Houston passed away. The Giants won the Super Bowl. Winter failed to arrive. In more even more-local news, I tried a new wrinkle cream (that shall go unnamed) which made me break out. Sephora finally decided to carry Jimmy Choo’s fragrance, which I promptly ordered despite only smelling it once on a magazine ad strip- it is that good, readers (review to follow). Oh and I found the most amazing, soft-as-buttah eyeliner.

Now, I am a die-hard black eyeliner (and mascara) fan. I know magazines rave about using colored eye pencils to bring out this color eyes, that color eyes. But when it comes down to it, I think black always looks the best. No other smudged liner looks as sexy without looking incredibly forced. But C and I recently attended an event, where we had the good fortune of receiving the Artistry Eyeliner Pencil in Lagoon, a deep teal that is not only super smooth to apply and long-lasting, but looks great with both C’s deep brown eyes and my blueish-green ones. Not an easy feat for a colored pencil. I also should add that after washing my face, there was still some liner left in the morning and I didn’t need to even reapply. And I mean it was left in that good way, where it looks like you just nonchalantly smudged some on. Unfortunately, this Spring 2012 color isn’t available just yet on the brand’s site, but check here for updates. And when you see it, get it. It’s all kinds of great.


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