The Hots for Hot Pink

Three different lip colors (believe it or not)

It’s hard to deny the appeal of pink lipstick these days. I’ve always been a red girl myself, paying homage to some of my faves – Gwen Stefani, Dita von Teese – known for their red pouts. I save pink only for when I’m tan, which usually means Miami, Disney, Jersey, Coney. But after seeing MAC’s new collection of lip colors designed by Iris Apfel, I fell in love with pink for year-round use. My obsession started with Apfel’s Pink Pigeon shade, a bright neon matte pink. Sadly, this color flew off the shelves and cannot be found anywhere. I even went to the Queens mall and nada. If you know where to get, please let us know! We’ll send you a BD shirt.

But anyway, I decided to give some other brands a chance – Maybelline, Revlon, Milani – in my quest for the perfect pink, or even better, the closest match to Pink Pigeon. First stop: Maybelline’s Sensational in Fuchsia. The color is great. It’s bright and pink and pretty but still suitable for daytime wear. And being I work in an office setting ( I know, I have no choice) it’s important to make sure it’s not obscenely bright. This lip color, unlike Pink Pigeon, is not very matte. I’m not a fan of the shiny lips, I rather have heavy coverage. But all in all, this is a contender.

So moving on, I tried Revlon’s Color Burst Lipstick in Fuchsia. The color is very similar to Maybelline’s version, but–to its advantage–it has a matte finish. It takes many sips of my morning coffee before it shows any signs of wear-off. This color is also a little brighter than Maybelline’s version, but as you can see in the above photo, not by much. For $8, this color has staying power. Iris would be proud. Though, she still would prefer her own collection. As do I. (For another take on the lipstick, check out J’s 2010 review of it here).

And lastly, we have Milani’s Rose Hip Lipstick. This actually was a recommendation that popped up when I searched Pink Pigeon online. In response to people’s frantic search for this lipstick, many beauty lovers alike were also in search of a suitable replacement. So one Target order and $5 later, I owned Rose Hip. This color is definitely brighter than both Revlon and Maybelline’s pinks. It’s not office-appropriate, but name one fun thing that is. My favorite part of this lipstick is its heavy coverage. It lasted even longer than the Revlon. And it’s probably the closest shade to Pink Pigeon, perhaps slightly brighter.

So as you can see, I love all my pinks. I can’t own just one – nor should you. And being my New Year’s resolution is to wear lipstick everyday (I wasn’t kidding), I’m glad I have all three in my arsenal.


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