I Pink I Can (But I Can’t): L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss

So sheer… so sad

After seeing how ridiculously awesome L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Le Gloss in Watermelon Crush looked in the ads for the new lip product, I started checking everywhere for the bright, shocking pink of a shade, only to find it sold out time after time. I once almost got the sole remaining Raspberry Splash color, a deeper pink, at one Walgreens in Buswick, until I noticed that it had clearly been used, and what looked like more than once. Pretty. So I finally caved and ordered it online at Target.com, where it was also a few bucks cheaper than in the drug stores (ok, sure, there was a shipping fee which counteracted the savings, but play along). C also ordered a magenta Milani lipstick that I’m sure she’ll be reviewing here soon and I got a deep berry Cover Girl color that hasn’t arrived yet. So time will tell on that one. I’d also like to mention here that Target packaged the two tiny lipsticks in a box bigger than a shoebox, that could probably fit 100 lipsticks. So, no judgment here, but I’m sure environmentialists have a bone to pick with the Target shipping department.

So anyway, the shade I searched for so long and waited patiently at my desk for arrived. And it was…sheer. Very sheer. As in, if I don’t layer it on, it looks clear. Don’t get me wrong, the gloss smells great, isn’t sticky at all, and doesn’t have a weird taste. All good on those fronts. But it doesn’t look as good as it does in the ads. I know that sounds insanely naive, because since when do things look as good in real life as in ads? But it’s not that bright pink at all, almost a completely different, hint-of-rose shade. If I put numerous coats on, I juuussstttt begin to see it. But come on. I feel kind of silly for having searched all over for this tube. But so it goes. I’ll definitely wear it, but I can’t say it’ll be the star of my makeup bag. But then again what ever is for more than a month.


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