The Gift of Color: New York Color Blushable Cream Stick


C and I did our annual holiday gift exchange dinner and, unsurprisingly, we gave each other very similar things: sparkly clutches and makeup. Great minds, I tell you. Anyway, C had asked me for Clinique’s Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer, which has been receiving rave reviews everywhere, and I’m super excited to hear her post about it on this very site. And while I didn’t ask her for any specific products, she got me pretty much exactly what I wanted anyway: a deep pink lipstick from MAC (Amplified Heartless, to be exact), a ruby red polish, and New York Color (aka N.Y.C.)’s Blushable Cream Stick, which I had been eyeing for months.

Of course, I love all the products, even the MAC lipstick–a brand whose lipstick in in the past I’ve found to be drying– was suprisingly soft, and the shade is this great winter-y berry color that looks sort of great on pale skin. And, let’s be honest, my skin is pretty much pastey white at this point of the year. But mostly I want to use this space to focus on the New York Color Blushable Cream Stick, which I’m obsessed with. C reviewed it earlier this year here, but I feel the need to to rave about it some more now that I got to try it. She got me the Big Apple Blush shade, a pinky peach not too dissimilar to the famous NARS Orgasm (and a fraction of the price). The stick is SO creamy and SO easy to blend, but also super sheer, meaning you can’t really screw it up and apply too much, and you can also layer if you want a brighter pop of color vs. a sheer wash.

I’m also a fan of how easy it is use for contouring, too, as you can add an extra layer of the color right above your cheekbones to really make them pop and add dimension to your face– something that is definitely trickier with powder color. Seriously I am going to get another shade soon. Thank you, C!

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