Second Chances: Neutrogena Foundation

Try this at home

C has long been a huge fan (proof here) of Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup, which– on my skin atleast– has always looks thick and has refused to blend well. And don’t think we haven’t argued over my not liking it for years now. But recently, C and I were shopping in Boston (yes, in Walgreens, but sometimes it’s nice to see what other cities have to offer in drugstore makeup) and we saw Neutrogena was having a buy one/get one half off sale. Which, let’s be honest, is basically a siren call. So C got another bottle of her usual and I decided to try the brand’s SkinClearing Oil-Free Liquid Makeup, hoping it might even just the tiniest bit improve my skin. I figured, if nothing else, it contains salicylic acid, one of the main acne-fighting ingredients. And so to the register we went (naturally, with other products in hand, too).

And so after a week of use, my skin looked noticeably less blemish-y. I almost didn’t want to credit the foundation, but nothing else in my routine had changed. And it doesn’t even dry my face out, as one might suspect a product with salicylic acid in it would. And while the makeup doesn’t blend as well as my go-to Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation, it’s still sort of a no-brainer in terms of which to use more often. It definitely doesn’t give an airbrushed effect like the Maybelline, but I am happy to save that bottle for special events or going out. Neutrogena, you have finally passed my test. I’d also like to point out here that when I told my mom I really liked the foundation, she said her dermatologist (also my own) told also recommended Neutrogena to her years ago. So with that in mind, when I ran out of powder, I quickly purchased the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder. Color me a believer.

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