High-Brow Brilliant

Using the image from the ybf site because the quotes IS TRUE.
Found: Miracle product.

No seriously. When ybf sent over their Eyebrow Pencil and promised it would be fabulous, I was admittedly skeptical. I originally fell for a Lancome brow pencil I bought in Sephora that looked amazing in the store, but never did quite make it back to that point when I tried to do it myself at home. So I was definitely willing, if dubious, to try the ybf pencil. And, wowza, it’s insanely wonderful. It only comes in one color, a taupey brown, so I naturally assumed it wouldn’t look good on everyone, especially me. But it does. I thought when I filled my sparse brows in, the lines would be obvious. But they are not. It looks totally natural, especially after combing the small brush on the other end of the pencil through my brows after the color is applied. It was definitely one of those experiences where, when I stepped back it, was hard to tell what had changed about my face, but my features just looked more defined. Which is really the best compliment to give a beauty product.

I probably should look further into why this works so well, what’s in it that makes it so easy to use on a range of brow colors (my mom’s hair is a totally different shade of brown, and she loved the pencil as well), but I honestly don’t even want to know. Just go get it. Order it. I mean, I will even go as far as to say that the crazy rave reviews on the brand’s site are legit (seriously, read them here). Now I’m just curious to try the brand’s other products, despite my general dislike of the name (ybf stands for “your best friend’). But again, who cares. Just go buy the eyebrow pencil, your face will thank you.
You’re welcome.

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