Hit Me Baby (Lips) One More Time

(See what I mean about the packaging?)

So not that I will ever be one to complain about cold weather, but it’s October 29th and there is a veritable ice/snow/rain thing going on outside. In the words of C: wowza. But you know what? I’ll take this over the other extreme seasonal alternative: 80 degree days in the fall. No thanks. And anyway, it gives me the perfect chance to break out a lovely pair of boots I bought in Target for $50 that are surprisingly waterproof and slip-preventing. My mom even just ordered a pair. And speaking of recent great Target online purchase, I can add to that list my $3.59 Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Cherry Me . As I write this, in fact, I see that it is backordered and, frankly, that makes a lot of sense. It rules. Imagine a gloried cherry ChapStick, without the waxiness and with more color. The Maybelline version is super-soft and makes my lips buttery smooth while leaving behind a perfect-for-fall, red-berry tint. Sure, the color doesn’t last that long, but I don’t mind reapplying since the smell is divine, like a cherry Jolly Rancher.

Any yes, what I appreciate most, though, just might be that it has no taste. Zero annoying cherry sweetness. Kudos for not going the Bonne Bell Lipsmackers route, Maybelline. There is a time and place for Lipsmackers, sure, but this feels more adult. Oh, well, aside from the annoyingly bright and somewhat teenybopper packaging, but I can let that slide for the bargain price. In fact, I just ordered the Pink Punch shade (also backordered as of 10/29), which I’m hoping/assuming gives a sheer pink glow that will be just as flattering as the Cherry Me color. Also, just a heads up that these come in two clear flavors, so if you just want a great lip moisturtizer with no tint, you’re welcome. So go get it. Done.


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