I Fall for Fall (even when it parades as summer)

Pumpkin alert!
Fall is here. Sort of. It’s a lovely temperature in the 60s as I write this, but the weekend forecast shows 80 degrees. In October. Reader, my heart is heavy. But despite this terrible news, I have to say I am still excited to see pumpkins in supermarkets (and yards) and candy corn on shelves. Atleast we can pretend it’s fall in spirit. Along these lines, Bath and Body Works has a new line of fall-scented things: hand sanitizer, soap, body splash, the works. And the good people there were kind enough to send C and me some samples. I have to say, the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel is kind of great. At first I was worried it would be too overpowering, as it smells super sweet once it’s applied, but it fades to a pleasant pumpkin-pie scent after a few seconds. And it also kills germs! What more you can ask? Same can’t be said for the Pumpkin Caramel Latte version, which is too strong and doesn’t fade in quite the same way. Alas, they can’t all be homeruns. (And, regardless, how adorable are these Halloween versions?)

But while we’re speaking of Bath and Body Works, I also wanted to touch upon a non-fall themed scent they recently came out with: Paris Amour. I mean, I don’t love the name, but the fragrance is a happy one: mildy floral and fruity, with a tiny hint of vanilla. Not sure how this relates to Paris, but I find myself using it as a room spray more often than I expected to. I remember in junior high school when you (or just my friends?) had their Bath and Body Works “scent” that everyone bought for you on your birthday/Christmas. I was Sun-Ripened Raspberry (which they still make!), but I wonder if Paris Amour would have been my eau of choice had it been around when I was 12 (and wearing Skechers and carrying a Tamagotchi). But, you know, perhaps.

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