Check out the lashes…

This week brings us the official first day of fall. Thank the heavens. It’s been hot for what feels like 7 months, and I can’t wait for this terrible season to be over. And by terrible, I mean I actually had what felt like a real summer for the first time in years- weekends at the shore, trips to Boston, nights in Coney Island, etc. So it wasn’t TOO bad. But I still hate the weather. As I write this, in fact, it’s hot and humid here in NYC. I can’t anymore. But anyway, fans of this lovely site will recall, though, that one weekend in Belmar I picked up NYX Cosmetics Doll Eye mascara at a beauty supply store. Super randomly, as I hadn’t brought any mascara and it was the first one I saw. And let me tell you, it’s pretty great. It really pulls your lashes up and out, for a crazy-good fan effect sans clumps (see above). I wonder why I had never read about it before. It’s the teeniest bit sticky, but that’s really my only complaint, and you have to really let it dry a few seconds before blinking. But yes, it is a new staple in my make-up bag. By the way, Hurricane Irene cancelled the weekend C and I were supposed to spend in Belmar, but I’m excited for her to see this beauty supply store next summer- if you happen to be at the shore (and why wouldn’t you be), it’s a must-visit.

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