In the Line of Battle

Make Up For Ever Strikes Again: Smoky Couleur Collection

Hope all of our east coast readers were unscathed by Hurricane Irene. Irene didn’t mess with Bensonhurst, except for some fallen tree branches. She knows better. J was not so lucky having to evacuate the Sheepshead Bay area. The nerve, Irene, the nerve. Staying at home I took all necessary hurricane precautions: buying a week’s worth of rotisserie chickens, staying safely in my bed watching Jersey reality shows, organizing my makeup closet. Thanks Eyewitness News for all these survival tips!

When not doing the aforementioned life-saving tasks this weekend, I conducted a very scientific test. Similar to the Coke-Pepsi challenge. I put head to head Make Up For Ever’s Kohl Eye Pencil from their new Smoky Couleur Collection and Topshop’s Semi Permanent Liquid Liner from their summer collection, Sandstorm. The winner would be the one that went on smoothest, had the richest color and made the most precise line.

Topshop’s liner in infinite, though sparkly, turned out to be very translucent. I had to keep applying layers to get a defined line. Plus the applicator kept getting stuck on my upper lid which caused pulling. Make Up For Ever on the other hand, went on smoothly, no sticking, no pulling, fuggedaboutit (sorry, had to). The color I have is pearly black purple and to me looks black, but my mom complimented my purple liner, so score. MUFE doesn’t smudge or run – I was hurricane ready. Best part it comes off when you want it to. Intense rubbing not necessary.

In the end, I’d say stick to Topshop for sparkly dresses not liners. Leave the eyes to the makeup pros.


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