In the Tropics

J-Lo in a bottle.
Seeing as how summer still will not end– despite my best efforts to mentally convince the earth to make itself cold– I have been (begrudgingly) trying to make the best of it. And this includes going to the beach a lot more often than I have previous summers: Belmar, the Rockaways, AC, and, of course, Brighton and Coney Island. It’s kind of ironic, actually, because I am paranoid about skin cancer and wrinkles, so to make myself feel a bit better about my beach-going, I try to be super-vigilant about applying sunblock. Which is why I was so happy to find Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Lotion Sunscreen in SPF40. I found it in April, perhaps, and though I knew it was still early in the season, I knew I had to buy it. The lotion smells AMAZING, like coconuts and oceans, and while it looks entirely normal after applying indoors, once you step into the sun, your skin has this golden sheen. And it’s not sparkly, just a sexy glow that’s more refined J-Lo than teenybopper tacky. Clearly, that also makes this lotion not ideal for faces, but for the neck-and-up, I stick to Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock, which my dermatologist recommends.So there you have it, a way to make summer a bit more bearable. In fact, I’ll probably continue to use this lotion as shimmer into the colder months, to highlight my collarbones and just to smell like the beach I don’t even like that much.

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