Blush Stroke

Not the best shot in the world, but you get the picture
Keeping with the theme of late (i.e. products that won’t melt away), let me tell you about one of my newest obsessions: N.Y.C. Color Blushable Creme Stick in Big Apple Blush. Blush is probably one of my favorite things, in the same category with Golden Girls, fur, boots, sequins, glazed donuts. This is pretty good company. So it needs to be a pretty good blush. I have a few blushes I keep in my arsenal at all times.

The first being NARS’ Orgasm for just a pop of color. Orgasm is my go-to-work look (hardy har har), when I need to look alive and that’s about it. Supposedly it compliments every skin tone. Not sure how, but I’ll buy it. For nighttime, I prefer either Kevyn Aucoin’s Pure Powder Glow in Red Berry or LORAC’s bronzer/blush duo in Hot/Spicy, depending on my mood. I’ll admit, I’m bias towards the late great Kevyn Aucoin as his book, Making Faces, was my introduction to the beauty world. I read it in high school (who needs AP English) and still refer to it. The makeup application diagrams are so helpful and easy to follow. But I digress. As much as I love these brands, the price tags are pretty hefty at $25-30.

For a more cost-efficient option, but also good, good quality, give NYC Color a try. I did, and I’m not disappointed. The blushable creme stick is easy to use. Just dab on the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards. The color does not fade or drip off in this weather. Score! Be warned it does have a bit of a shimmer to it, but in the summer that’s allowed. And it’s only $4. Treat yourself to another Malibu bay breeze with the dollars you save. Go ahead.

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