Prime(r) Time

The final product.

Last Saturday, it was–let’s face it– too hot to go outside. I believe the heat index was around 100 degrees in NYC, and it was humid as hell (or, atleast New Orleans in summer). So after maxing out my TV-watching and magazine-reading abilities, I turned to the next obvious mode of entertainment: playing with makeup. Last time I had ordered Sephora, I received a lovely-sized sample of DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum & Primer. For some reason, this was maybe a month ago, and the product remained untouched, saved for a special occasion. A disgusting, terrible heat wave seemed like a special occasion– and why wouldn’t I want lashes that were instantly conditioned, primed, lengthened, and plumped (as the Sephora site promised) for an AC-filled afternoon at home?

And well, well, well. After a couple swipes of the primer, which made it look like I was wearing White-Out on my lashes, I then applied two coats of Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost mascara, a product I use for mild lashes during the day, and suddenly my lashes were insanely long and curled–no torture devices necessary. You can’t tell so much from the photo above, but if you were to look at my lashes sideways, they seemed to flutter about an inch away from my lids, all the while remaining separated and defined. I’ve only used the product once, as I’m now paranoid about using it up, so I can’t speak about its conditioning benefits. But the product does really do as it says in terms of length and volume. And as someone who has bought the regular Dior DiorShow mascara only for it to break on her a couple weeks later (no really, the brush started clumping up the whole tube of mascara on it), I have to say this has renewed my faith in the Dior mascara line. So go get it. The $28 price tag may actually be worth it.


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