The perfect spot to test Cannonball/perfect spot to live: Florida retirement village
This review comes in the nick of time. You’re welcome, NY. As we’re approaching a heat wave, we are prepping ourselves for the gross days ahead. Sure, we can carry water with us or stay in AC and hide. But, what about our lashes? How will they endure this heat? Well, well, well, I know!

Picture it: July 2011, Florida’s premium retirement village (name undisclosed). Reading my bevy of magazines poolside, I came across an article about Urban Decay’s new waterproof mascara, Cannonball. I’m not typically a fan of waterproof as I don’t enjoy the struggle between myself and my lashes to remove said product. Plus, waterproof mascaras always leave my lashes stiff and crunchy. Though, after reading this article in Elle, I wanted to give it a shot. Beauty Editor April Long, agrees to a rigorous (and to me, terrifying) course of activities put together by Urban Decay’s executive creative director, Wendy Zomnir. Here’s April’s recount:

So I hike. I kayak up a jungle river in the rain, surf in the pummeling waves of Hanalei Bay, and get wind-whipped, splashed, and bodily thrashed on a five-hour rafting trip along the magnificently ominous Na Pali coastline. I snorkeled, briefly, until I snort water upon seeing my first fish, and end up having to splutter back to shore. After each activity, I check my mirror: not a smudge.
Like any other self-respecting beauty nerd, this article gave me chills. I’m in. I really wanted to test this product during my stay in Florida. My test would not be as strenuous as April’s. If the mascara lasted while I did my afternoon float in the retirement pool, well, that’s good enough for me. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Unfortunately, the Sephora nearby didn’t receive their shipment when I stopped in. Test fail.

Nevertheless, upon my return to NYC, I picked up this gem. It’s a pretty, pretty good mascara. Priced at $20, it’s pricier than my fave Great Lash. Not only did my lashes look long and soft, they survived a full day of shopping in Bay Ridge in 90+ degrees. No smudge and J has a new fur coat. We all win. But I will warn you, the mascara is really hard to remove. Noxzema did not do the trick. It was more of a laborious process, requiring the help of Ponds Cold Cream and intense rubbing. I definitely sacrificed a few lashes to Urban Decay. But for those more active than I, it’s worth it.


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